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Classical Indian Music Percussion Maestro, Prabhash Maharaj, a 15th generation musician from the widely respected Benares Gharana heritage, has been playing the Tabla since the tender age of two. He is the oldest of three sons in his family, and is the son of Sarod Maestro Pandit Vikash Maharaj. Prabhash’s maternal grandfather is Late Pandit Kishan Maharaj, and his great grandfather is Late 

Pandit Kanthe Maharaj. Prabhash received his early education on Tabla from his grandfather and guru Pandit Nanhku Maharaj, a highly acclaimed master musician in the tradition, as well as a master teacher and very important role model for Prabhash to follow for years to come.

Prabhash Maharaj received numerous awards and scholarships for his prolific artistry and dedication throughout all of his childhood, which included six gold medal awards and two scholarships from the Government of India. Such accomplishments led Prabhash to pursue his career and education to the next milestone, to follow into the footsteps of his beloved grandfather and Guruji Nanhku, as a dedicated percussionist, maestro, preserver and promoter of the Benares Gharana music heritage and traditions. Prabhash was already touring internationally as a professional percussionist, since the age of 19. Prior to crossing over into the international music scene, he was already performing and collaborating professionally in India.


Additional professional training was given to him by his father and also Guru Pandit Vikash Maharaj, who took on to further teach Prabhash more elements of live performance and the music business during launched tours as independent international Classical Indian and World Music artists. Most concerts are performed in duet and also in ensemble performances that include collaborations with Prabhash’s two brothers along with their father, as well as with other classical and contemporary musicians, during local tours in India and international tours.


Prabhash has been recently collaborating with artists of different music genres, providing for a broader exploration of his music style from classical to fusion, experimental, jazz, and other contemporary genres, still radiating and maintaining the music style of his tradition, simultaneously delivering a hue of melodic beats and rhythms, finding a chemistry within his traditional style and other music styles, crossing over the India classical traditional into the world music contemporary, and has found the treasure of both musical worlds, as East meets West, from traditional Indian Classical to World percussionist, but still deeply connected with his traditional style of the Benares Gharana as 15th generation ambassador of this musical heritage.


Amongst the many awards and titles Prabhash has received, are the title of Tabla Maestro, granted to him by United Nations Youth Organization, followed by numerous awards and titles from different organizations worldwide. Prabhash has collaborated with several artists, which include Tom Bailey (Thompson Twins), Missy Higgins, Bic Runga, John Handy, James Pinker, Isaac Tucker, Pattrik Bebelaar, John Ellis, Frank Kroll and many more.


Prabhash collaborated in the documentary film Holiwater as composer and percussionist for the film’s music soundtrack and score, accompanied by his father on Sarod. He has also performed at numerous music festivals worldwide, some of them being WOMAD Taranaki New Zealand, Splore Festival, Diwali Festival New Zealand and Dhaka Fest.

Prabhash has also travelled to collaborate in musical projects and social work to countries like U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore, in addition to working locally in India.


Prabhash has recently produced and directed several music cd’s and dvd’s with his father and has travelled to different part of world to offer charity social work to support causes in India for environmental, children, women, and the elders. His father is a social activist in the community of India and Prabhash also holds experience as a philanthropic worker, and is directed by his father to support social causes through his social services organization in Varanasi, India.


Prabhash holds a PhD. Alumni Candidacy in Musicology from University Grand Commission of India. He is a Masters Degree Graduate in Tabla Percussion from Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarth, India and a Masters Degree Graduate in Sociology from M.G.K.V.P. University, Varanasi, India.